Vintage Kashan Large Carpet, Persian Area Rug, 40 m2


  • Origin: Kashan, Iran
  • Age: 30 years old,
  • Condition: Like new
  • Size: 8 m x 5 m (26’ x 16’)
  • Area: 40 m2
  • Material: wool
  • Design: Afshari
  • Style: Hand-knotted
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This is an extra large vintage Kashan carpet (30 years old) in a very good condition. Its design is called Afshari and this makes it especially suitable for diplomatic places. This carpet in such size (26’x16′) is quite unique and can be rarely found.

Extra-large Persian carpets are those carpets woven with unusual sizes and are very big. There are few large size Persian carpets in the world. They are suitable for luxurious halls, palaces, hotels, conference halls, big mansions, etc.