Stripey Moghan Kilim Rug, Persian Handmade Floral Pattern


  • Origin: Moghan, Ardabil, Iran
  • Material: Kork (Lamb wool)
  • Size: 2 m x 1.3 m (6.6′ x 4.3′)
  • Style: Hand-knotted
  • Pattern: Animal
  • Age: Brand new


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This classic stripey Moghan kilim rug with a wonderful color blend and the varying pattern is a masterpiece. It is made by Persian weavers of Moghan village in Ardabil province of Iran.

It is made of Kork, which is fine lamb hair, taken out at lambs’ first shearing. This wool is only used in very fine weaving and is difficult to find in rugs.  It is very soft to the touch and has a silky sheen to it.

Those rugs that have been made of Kork are extremely durable such that their color will not fade during the time and via sunlight or dampness.



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