Persian Rug Runner Hallway Carpet, 17′ Long


  • Origin: Iran
  • Age: 20 years old,
  • Condition: like new,
  • Size: 5.2 m x 0.9 m (17′ x 3′)
  • Material: Wool
  • Colour: Red
  • Style: Hand-knotted, tribal
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Give your hallway a facelift by this Persian rug runner, which is 5 m long. This piece of art is made by tribal women. All the steps including spinning, dyeing, weaving, have been done by themselves. They have woven their history, their culture, and their oriental spirit all over the rug.

This is a  Persian handmade carpet with vivid colors and symbolic language and beautiful special motifs in a diamond shape. This rug is used but like new. It is suitable for hallway, stair, lounge, door entrance, bedroom, kitchen, etc.




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