Persian miniature carpet (Mediator), Tabriz pictorial rug tableau


  • Origin: Tabriz, Iran
  • Material: Silk & Kork,
  • Raj: 60
  • Designer: Khalil Asl Sherbaf,
  • Size: 0.95 m x 0.65 m (3.3′ x 2.1′)
  • Style: Hand-knotted
  • Theme: Miniature
  • Carpet Name: Mediator (Vesatat in Persian) The girl is mediating between the free bird and the one in the cage.
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This beautiful piece of art is a Persian miniature carpet tableau named Mediator (or Vesatat in Farsi). It is named after the name of the original Farshchian miniature painting.

Persian handmade pictorial carpet (or carpet tableau or carpet frame) is a specially woven carpet suitable for wall-hanging and home decoration. This type of handmade rug is usually made by Tabriz designers and generally made of silk & kork (lamb wool).
The themes usually used in carpet tableaux are: Persian Miniature, Scenery, Statues, French Style, Flowers, People, and Quran verses.

Tabriz is the capital of pictorial carpet weaving in Iran. The stunning carpet tableaux woven in this city can be a great option for your home decor. They are usually framed and hanged on the wall.



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