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Know More About Persian Carpet

What is a Persian Carpet?
A Persian rug or Persian carpet is the type of rug that is produced in Iran and is usually hand-knotted.

Why Persian carpets are so valuable?
Persian carpets are famous for their design, their symbolic language and spectacular motifs and patterns, variety of color used, and the quality of the material used in them. They have long been used in palaces, hotels, big mansions, and luxurious halls, all over the world.

What are the different types of Persian rugs?
Persian carpets and rugs generally are named after the name of the city or village or tribe that they have been made. Read more on this blog post: https://prestirug.com/carpet-origin/

How long do Persian rugs last?
If they are used correctly, it lasts for 50 to 100 years.

Do Persian carpets increase in value during the time?
Handmade Persian carpets are extremely durable. Their value even increases with time, because they are work of art.

How should I care for a Persian carpet?

  • Keep it from sunlight
  • Keep it from damp objects
  • Occasionally turn the carpet
  • Don’t put it under the door
  • Fix the runners on the stairs
  • Keep it from the leg of a chair, sofa, table by a small piece of material
  • Keep the carpet clean
  • Read more on this blog post:  https://prestirug.com/caring-and-cleaning-handmade-carpets/

How long does it take to make a Persian rug by hand?
The time it takes to weave a complete Persian carpet depends on its type. For example for making a  9’x12′ (3m x 4 m) Persian carpet with 500 knots per square inch, 4-5 weavers work 6 hr/day, 6 days/week, for 14 months!

Is buying a Persian carpet a good investment?
Yes. Buying a Persian rug and even using it in the house can be a good investment, because it retains its value after years, provided that it is treated with care and kept in a good condition.

Why do people like Persian rugs?
People love Persian area rugs because they have spirits. They are soft, durable, colorful, and can make every plain room to a luxury, uniquely-designed room.